COVID-19 News and Plans


The PAG met October 18. 2021, and updated the Guidelines for Group Gatherings.


You can read the meeting notes here.

You can read the updated guidelines here.


Current BLC Practices

  • The BLC Council has formed a Pandemic Advisory Group (PAG) to help determine what we may or may not need to make in-person, inside activities happen in safe and meaningful ways. (For example: HVAC filtration, room for distancing, specific community vaccination rates, etc.). Recommendations are shared with council and modified if needed before being approved. 
  • The BLC Office and Building are open. Please practice current PAG guidelines.
  • If you don't feel well we ask you please refrain from in person church activities and stay out of the church building for 7 days (with a negative Covid-19 test) or 10 days (without a test and without symptoms).  

Bethlehem Lutheran Church will continue to heed the health recommendations of relevant organizations—which include the ELCA, Rocky Mountain Synod (RMS), the CDC, Boulder County Health, and the State of Colorado.


BLC Mask Guidance:

  1. If inside, wear a mask. You may not enter the BLC building without a mask. Be advised that Boulder County Health department inspectors are visiting churches and  issuing citations if people are found inside in violation of the mask requirements. The third violation (by anyone) could result in BLC being closed.
  2. You don't need to wear your mask if/when... or the person you are communicating with has a disability which makes seeing your mouth essential for communication. (Example: you are talking to someone who is hard of hearing or deaf.) cannot medically tolerate a face covering. (If this is an issue, please talk to Pastor privately. We can take other precautions for your health and the health of those around you.) are leading spoken worship and and distanced away from others. are in your office and alone.
  3. Here is the state's guidance:

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