Members' Corner

January 2019


Tribute to our Bethlehem Money Counters


Have you ever wondered who takes care of all the money in the collection plates? How does it go from the plate to crediting your giving for the church? Well, there is a fantastic team of people here at Bethlehem who provide a wonderful service for us all! They are the money counters of our financial team who work every week, behind the scenes, to sort, count, record, deposit, and report our donations. They work in teams of two and both give an average of two–four hours per week of volunteer time for this task.


Who are these faithful servants? We have been very blessed with Brian Burrell, Audrey Dillan, Patty Fagler, Jean Flanagan, Nancy Koob, Nancy McLeod, Doris Slinger, Nancy Tiff, and Phyllis Wright—all led by the very capable Nancy McLeod. Many of these counters have been serving for literally decades; others have joined the team more recently. They are all very dedicated, and we greatly appreciate their time, talent and devotion.


Last year, Mary Fjeld, a very long-time counter, retired and we are very grateful for her many years of service. This year we have two additional long-time counters retiring and want to say a special thanks to Audrey Dillan and Doris Slinger. Fortunately, we will welcome Sue Smith and Gail and Carl Schurman to the team beginning in January. Also, we would like to say a big thank you to Greg Schumann for being our first service money collector! We are very grateful for all of these wonderful members—when you see them, tell them how much they are appreciated!


BLC Counters 1

 Brian Burrell, Nancy Koob, Phyllis Wright, and Greg Schumann.


BLC Counters 2

Jeanne Flanagan, Doris Slinger, Nancy McLeod, Nancy Tiff, Mary Fjeld, and Audrey Dillan.

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